It’s the simple things, April 29 Daily Reflection

Jake drinking from the water fountain

It’s the simple things in life that are so satisfactory to the young; a cold drink of water from the fountain on a hot day at the zoo, being hugged, racing one another in the yard, a piece of candy or just reading a good book with a parent.

As adults we seem to lose that sense of wonder. We lose sight of the simplicities that once made us smile. When we are at the zoo we are making sure all the kids are within our reach, that no one is touching animals that they shouldn’t, keeping track of the time when we will eat lunch so no one will be grouchy, listening for that next call from our cell phone and thinking about what we need to do later that day. Our minds have been trained to multi task and keep everyone else happy and satisfied but we seem to miss all the simple satisfactions all around us.  It’s good that we have become selfless but not at the cost of losing our own appreciation for the simple treasures in life.

As adults we need to be more mindful, to actually pay attention to our actions. Next time you are thirsty think about how good it tastes to drink that cold beverage, to refresh your mouth and your body. Next time your child hugs you hug them back and stay in that moment. Next time you want something sweet instead of shoveling a handful of candy in your mouth take just one and make it last 2 full minutes; actually taste it. Next time your child asks you to play stop for three minutes and do it, be in that moment. Next time you read a book to your child slow down and realize you are making a memory that will last forever.

Just because we have grown up doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate the simple things in life. We just have to be more mindful of them. Today, find two different ways to appreciate some simple treasures in your everyday life and smile just like our children do.

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