Jake is preparing, October 1, 2013 Daily Reflection

This is for Jake’s 1st Eucharist

How is it possible that my littlest boy is preparing to celebrate his 1st Eucharist? My Jake has always been interested in Mass. My husband and I never skipped Mass because our babies or children were noisy or annoying to other members of our Church family. We stood right in the front so our children could see what was going on and praised God just like everyone else. Jake always sat with me at Mass and listened to everything. He always loved catching the eye of one of our cantor’s, a personal friend of mine, before she started the Alleluia (song for the Gospel). He still does it to this day and she sings it to him!

Earlier this year Jake said to me this is the year I get to received the Eucharist! He is very excited. However, unlike many parents who bring their children to the Church to receive the sacrament and don’t come back again until Confirmation, Jake will receive the Eucharis thousands of times over the course of his life time. We believe we should celebrate the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ as much as possible to nourish our faith life.

Please pray for Jake during this time of preparation.



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