How did I do that? January 24, 2018 Daily Reflection

Master’s Work

Now, that I am at Sacred Heart with one position and amazing support from the administration and coworkers, as well as the students, I look back at my time at Holy Cross and think how did I do everything I was doing. I was a Theology Teacher, part-time (really fulltime) service coordinator, liturgist, moderator for Cougars for Christ, was earning my 4 year Master’s Degree, wrote a blog every day, created new ways to pray, wrote meditations, and submitted a book proposal, while still raising a family of four children, being a wife, and trying to be the best person I could be. I honestly, don’t know how I did all that I did. I scheduled every minute of everyday, I did not have any “free time” ever. I missed games, gatherings, and some important family events. I put one foot in front of the other and my husband helped take care of the children.

It is wonderful to stand where I am today with no anxiety, no crushing weight upon my shoulders and the ability to relax. I am so appreciative for every Sunday to celebrate the Sabbath day by going to Church, taking a long run, making dinner for my family, writing, reading for fun, and just relaxing with my family. I never dreamed of this day because for 4.5 years I wasn’t able to take the time to dream of it. I will tell you how I made it through by the grace of God, love and support of my family, and by putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time. I would not change the past 4.5 years for anything. I earned my Master’s Degree, became a teacher, formed relationships with students helping them to grow in their faith, pushed my limits, and depended on family and God to see me through it. I am blessed beyond measure. I am now able to appreciate every moment of relaxation!

If you are having a hard time making it through put one foot in front of the other, plan, count on family and friends, and trust in God completely!

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