Jesus Heals the Sick, February 4, 2018 Sunday Tidbit


As a person sick with the flu I understand how illness divides a person from society. A sick person becomes isolated and thought of only as a means of transference of disease. My family is very caring and offers to help me, they are good to me. However, because they don’t want the virus to spread I am followed by a Lysol can and asked what I have touched, it is demeaning, although practical.

Jesus wanted to bring all those on the margins of society back into the community. He didn’t want anyone to feel isolated or alone. He healed them so they could be in right relationship again with others. The purpose of life is to be in right relationship with self, others, God, and Creation! In order for this to occur the sick need healing. I thank Jesus that he healed others and pray for healing as well.

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