Journal, September 4, 2013 Daily Reflection

Baby Shower Cake

I attended my cousin in law’s baby shower this weekend. This is her first baby and the moms there were swapping birth stories. I love to remember the births of each of my children. Obviously I enjoy writing so you won’t be surprised to hear that on the day of each of their births I wrote a long journal entry with all the details. Every year on their birthdays they like for me to read them the story of their birth.

If you have never kept a journal of your life today is a great day to start. Journals are so good for stress relief. You can write down your worries or concerns and get them out of your head for a bit. You can just write about what happened that day. Or you can start slow like quite a few people I know and just have a thank you journal. Each day you write 10 things you are thankful for from that day.

I have been keeping a daily journal since I was 17 years old. When I get those old journals out and read them everything comes flooding back to me. I feel like that age again and remember those feelings. I encourage everyone to at least try to keep a journal for a week and see what you think.


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