Sleeping Children: July 10, Daily Reflection

Spencer sleeping peacefully.

Spencer sleeping peacefully.

Did you ever have one of those days, not so good days with your children?  No matter what you did you could not make them happy and they certainly did not make your life any easier.  Wether it’s the baby that will not take a nap, or your toddler is throwing fits over everything, or your older one just is in a grouchy annoying mood.  We all have those days and don’t you just wish the day away so you can start over with a happy  child the next morning? 

Even babies are people and we all have bad days, we just have different ways to express our grumpiness.  Well I looked at my children while they were sleeping this morning before they woke up and it made yesterday melt away.  Just try it when you know it won’t wake them up just look at their peaceful little faces, all the crying, whining, and complaining gone, just a relaxed little expression, it is priceless. 

Many times in life it is difficult to see past our childrens’ many faults and see that God is within them, although we all know He’s there hiding somewhere deep within.  If you get a chance tonight after you put your children to bed and you know they are truly asleep, God knows you don’t want to wake them, take a look even if your child is a teenager.  Just give it a few minutes and see how precious and special they each are to you.  I think that must be how God views each one of us.  How much do WE screw up in our daily life and take the wrong path and do the wrong thing.  Yet God always smiles upon us, He doesn’t see the faults but sees His precious creation.  I think God looks at us with the eyes of a mother adoring her precious children while they sleep.  

Today when your child does something annoying, you know he/she will, remember that precious sweet innocent expression and it may just help to bring you back to a calm and loving place. Thank God that He goes there every second of every day for us!



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