What you love best about your child: July 13, Daily Reflection

Good morning all,

Take a few minutes to picture your chid in your mind.  Now think really hard what do you like best about your child?  Is it the way he looks at you when you smile at him.  Is it the way she giggles when you tickle her?  Is it how tight he squeezes you and doesn’t want to let go?  Is it the way she mispronounces letters?  Is it the way he treats his little sister?  Is it the way she talks about her daddy?  Is it how sensitive she is to others?  Is it the determination he has when he is trying to do something right?  Really think about your child what do you like the best about his/her personality right now today, because tomorrow he/she will change and it will be something else.  Now hold on to that thought that one personality trait and smile and appreciate it and love that child for that little part of who he/she is.

We are not children anymore but we are still children to God.  That is what God does with us he finds that part of us and loves us for it.  He sees the way we screw up daily and loves us in spite of  it.  He loves you like you love your child.  He looks for the good in each of us.  Today let us look for the good in each of our children and just keep that in our mind to help us get through this Monday and hug them for it when you see them next.  Tell them how much you love that about them.  They hear I love you and good job.  But today tell them that trait and how it makes you feel, those are the little things that mean everything to a child even if he/she doesn’t know it at the moment, it is a precious gift only you can give your child.

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