Time to be alone: July 9th Daily Reflection

Good Morning.  I am very blessed to have a wonderfully retired father who loves to be involved with my life and my children.  About 6 years ago he helped me by watching my little ones while I learned how to run.  Now I can call myself a runner.  I do short races and the local triple crown and am proud to say I have run the Derby Mini Marathon twice now.  The thing I love most about running is the time it gives me to be alone and to pray.  My Dad lets me run 2-3 mornings each week.  This morning he came over at 6:30am so I could run.  I love to watch the sunrise as I run it is magical.  I was listening to a Senior Retreat song “Lord is it mine” by Supertramp.  “I know there’s a reason why I need to be alone.  You shown me there’s a silent place that I can call my own.  Is it mine, Oh Lord, is it mine?”  It made me think of how very important it is in my life to have that time to be alone, no tv, no kids (if only for 15-20 minutes), no chores, no music (the first half of every run I leave the music off and pray and reflect), no noise from my life.  That time is precious and it helps me to center myself and prepare for the day ahead.  One of the things I ask God is that I can do his will this day, whatever that maybe, not losing my temper or being a better listener.  I am not asking for information from God on how to save the world but how he wants me to help with my little bity portion of it. 

 Now I know the majority of moms in this world don’t have a dad that comes over so you can have time to run.  However if you can find 15 minutes in the morning to wake up before your children do and use that time to sit on your porch or go to a place in your home that is quiet to just be alone  it can help to center you before your day begins.  If you can take a walk pushing your chid in a stroller and give them a toy that distracts them for 5 minutes you can say a prayer.  Believe me I know it’s not easy right now I have my four children as well as four that I babysit all 8 are in my house playing in different rooms, I know silence is rare but if you can find that time it is so good for your prayer life, your sanity and for your children.  Try to find a time today to stop the noise and be alone, Try to find “a silent place that I can call my own”.


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