Jumping In, July 1, 2016 Daily Moment

The Wave Pool at Kentucky Kingdom

The Wave Pool at Kentucky Kingdom

My kids and I go to Kentucky Kingdom at least twice a week in the summertime. It is a great place for my kids to bring friends and to have a great time while I read for my Master’s courses. In the water park they have a wave pool and it is announced each time the biggest set of waves will be released. Every time it happens a lifeguard jumps in to save a kid or an adult that is struggling to get to the surface. Those lifeguards are excellent. They are watching, alert, and ready to jump in.

In our lives there are times without warning that the six foot big wave crashes over us and nearly drowns us; the death of loved ones, loss of a job, or a friend, health problems, or any unexpected changes. Who is alert and watching us? Who is ready to jump in and save us? Hopefully you have family members and friends who jump. God is waiting, watching, and willing to jump in. It’s usually not until after the wave subsides and you recover your balance before you realize that God saved you.

Today, think about who jumps in to save you. Think about who you jump in for on a daily basis. Then thank God for always jumping in after you.

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