Sharing, June 20 Daily Reflection

A small house the kids played in

I visited with my grandparent in laws the other day. They are now in their 80’s. I smiled when I heard the pride in Great Grandpa Ken’s voice as he said “We are expecting our 40th grandchild.” They had their children in a time when it was widely accepted to have 6 or more kids and no one would put you on a reality show for it. They had 7 children who grew up in a 4 room shot gun house with one bathroom and 9 people! They learned, to share, to be close to one another and to give. They did not have much money but their needs were always met.
Today most of society has 2 children living in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. The kids use one room just for their toys. Not only do they not need to share it is not really encouraged by their individual rooms and each child being given everything they want.

Our world has changed. Most children will be raised with more than the generation before them. I hear so many parents say, “I just feel like my child should have more than I was given.” My response is “why? Did you not turn out good?”  Why as parents do we feel we have to give so many possessions and less time to our children? How terrible would it be to have to share a room, a toy or our thoughts with a sibling?

Do we live together as family or simply live within the same walls?

Yes, much has changed but with effort parents can raise their children to share, be close and to give. It’s just much more difficult when more than your needs are met but also all of your “wants.”

Today, reflect on which way you are raising your children.

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