We Just Don’t Know, November 2, 2016 Daily Reflection

Jake's Card Trick

Jake’s Card Trick

Last night Jake, my youngest son, learned a card trick. It was a long card trick and it was extremely impressive. It left me feeling quite bewildered and befuddled. I was completely stumped. I could not wrap my mind around what had just happened in front of me. He of course did not tell me the secret to the card trick. Instead he said he enjoys the look on the face of the person he does the trick for every time.

The mystery behind such a card trick is intriguing, puzzling, and amazing. Similar to the mystery of God (of course God is much more amazing than card tricks, but there are similarities). God doesn’t reveal his mysteries to us until we are with him in the afterlife. We can’t seem to grasp how reality changes in front of our eyes. We can’t always make sense out of God, our minds are not able to understand God’s amazing grace. Yet, God’s overwhelming creations boggle our minds, we search for understanding but it always comes down to faith. There is much logic to the existence of God. However, without faith we cannot completely believe.

Jake is doing magic card tricks. God, however is not playing tricks. Instead he is creating, comforting, supporting, and loving us from before we are born into all of eternity. We should embrace the mystery, enjoy the excitement, and have faith that one day we will fully understand all there is to know in the presence of God.

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