I just miss her!, February 20, 2014 Daily Reflection

Chairs in Mary Ann's garden

Chairs in Mary Ann’s garden

I miss her! I walk down the path and glance over the gate into the garden and smile remembering her saying “Lori, come on in!” I would take runs past the garden and she would wave to me. I miss seeing her there and talking about life with her.

Mary Ann was so precious to me. I knew when she passed away the garden would never, could never be the same. She loved it and nurtured it. It was alive to her each flower, each frog and every single fish.  I wish I could tell her that I am now a teacher and how the children are doing with school. I wish I could hear her voice once more and share a laugh with her.  She nurtured so much more than a garden. She nurtured our friendship, God’s creation, her family and her sweet husband.

“Remember me with smiles and laughter for that is how I will remember you. If you can only remember me with tears and pain then don’t remember me at all” – unknown author

I think she would agree with that thought. I miss you Mary Ann but I have no doubt that you are in an eternal garden smiling down on me every time I pass your garden.

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