Just Thankful, June 9, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Family

Today, I am just so thankful for my life.
I started my day on my knees with my head bowed, thanking God for giving me life one more day. I prayed that God will give me the strength to give God all the honor and glory He deserves.
I thank God that I have all 5 of my senses and the ability to use each of them well.
I thank God that I was able to sleep in a warm bed with soulmate at my side.
I thank God that I live in a house with running water, electricity, airconditioning, and the room to hold all of my family members.
I thank God that my husband and I both have jobs that give us the ability to pay for our house, food and clothing for my children, healthcare, tuition for my children’s education, and all the other neccesities of life.
I thank God that I was able to have 4 beautiful, healthy, intelligent, loving children.
I thank God that as a teacher I can help my students know God a little better.
I thank God that I was given my faith and that it was cultivated so well by my parents, church, schools, and loved ones.
I thank God for the beautiful day I have been given.

Name 10 things that you should thank God for today…

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