Keep Hope alive, June 28, 2016 Daily Reflection

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Great people in history have had hope for monumental ideas that seemed impossible:

Martin Luther King Jr. had hope that people of all colors could be friends

Abraham Lincoln had hope that slaves could be freed

We don’t have to be famous to have hope:

I have hope that all people will realize they have dignity that cannot be taken away no matter what

hope that women will one day be seen with the same value and given the same opportunity as men in the Catholic Church

hope that the human race will rally to end world poverty and hunger

hope that families can be healed and pass down good values and love of God

hope that communities will support every member with a home and without, with money, and without

hope that everyone knows they are loved by someone

hope that the future will be better than the past

hope that tomorrow will come

hope that peace will reign on this earth and no one will be killed, no unborn life, no born life

hope that love will be what people want to achieve instead of power, wealth, and fame

hope that we are not hopeless anymore

So, I pray for hope…

What do you hope for? Will you pray for it? Will you work to make it happen for tomorrow?


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