Keep Out! October 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

Keep out sign at Squire Boone Caverns

KEEP OUT – the sign says loud and clear to all that cross its path. One would assume there must be danger ahead. As adults we see this sign and we wonder why it is there but for the most part we KEEP OUT.

How many of us hold this same sign up daily? Our body language says KEEP OUT. Our lack of eye contact or ability to open a conversation with us says KEEP OUT. Our distance from others is a sure sign that others will read loud and clear to KEEP OUT.

Some of us don’t even know that we have that sign up in our lives and we wonder why people do not talk to us. Others of us hold up that sign so that all can see and back up from the danger we possess. Many of us have been burned in life by life gone wrong, family relationships that are torn or losses that are immeasurable.  We don’t want to risk another painful experience. So we put out the sign and hope everyone stays way back from the danger zone. It seems like a safe way to live life when you have been hurt.

The problem is that if you keep everyone out you will be trapped as well. Letting new people into your life is a risk that pain may occur. But letting others in also allows the opportunity for friendship, laughter, kindness and happiness. All that is guaranteed when you keep people out is that you keep yourself hidden and lonely.

If you are someone who has that sign up today, consider what would happen if you lowered it just a little and let just one or two people in? They are probably not quite as dangerous as what you imagine them to be.

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