Before the kids saw the gifts, December 26, 2014 Daily Reflection

2014 Christmas MorningThis is a picture of our living after Santa visited our house but before our four children came barreling down the steps at 7:00 AM Christmas morning. Everything looks neat and clean. After the children sat down and took their turns opening their gifts the living room was a mess and alive with laughter and cheers for the things that Santa brought them.

As a parent it is easy to find ourselves wishing we could keep a clean house. We wish that everything could be in the correct place. But as a parent we know that these things will not happen until our children are grown and gone. I would rather have the mess, chaos, noise, and children than a neat, clean, house. The messes are filled with humanity and my house is filled with loving children who make huge messes and I am OK with that.

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