Know This, June 11, 2013 Daily Reflection

limitless like the heavens

If there is one thing I would like people to learn from me it is this: GOD LOVES YOU! There are NO conditions on God’s love for you. God’s love is not conditional. God does not withhold His love because of your religion or lack of religion. God does not choose to love you less because of your wrong choices. God hates the sin but loves the sinner. There is no person that God has not loved. I feel sure there are lots of people in hell because they choose not to be with God but not because God did not want to be with them. No matter what you have done, who you have hurt or how violated you have been GOD LOVES YOU without condition.

We humans like to put conditions on those people we love. We set up rules and walls. We choose to walk away from people who are not “good”. But God is limitless. God has no conditions on His love. God doesn’t love us for what we do or choose not to do. God loves us because He created us!

Never forget this: God loves you without condition! Accept it and love Him back.

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