Lack of Colors, November 8 Daily Reflection

Black & White Picture of flowers

Black and white film is so striking, crisp, yet dated. However, as with this picture although striking all the color is gone, the brilliant yellow that soothes your soul is gone, the soft green stems muted, it’s all just a bit less fulfilling.

Many adults see the world just like this picture in black and white. Either people are good or they are bad there is no middle line they are on one side or the other. For one reason or another they have experienced life in a particular fashion that has made them ok with that choice. For the most part people that see in black in white have no idea all the colors they are missing in this life. If they only looked at little longer, judged a little less, listened a little more and accepted others where they are then the colors they would experience would fulfill their lives.

How many colors are you missing in your life? How many situations are you black and white on? It’s good to know where you stand but if you are not tolerant of others when you fall you may not be helped back up by others. Today, think about those issues that you are dead set against or for, can you think of the people who oppose your issues as people with normal everyday lives or only as the “bad” people?  We are taught to “love” one another all the colors of the rainbow, everyone is our neighbor. Look at your life and try to find a place where you can allow a bit more color in so that the picture above can look like the picture below.

Flowers in color

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