Larry the Gecko, July, 9, 2015 Daily Reflection



Larry is the newest addition to our family. Larry is a Crested Gecko. At our house we have had quite a few different pets through the years; a spotted tree frog, a toad, too many fish to count, five dwarf hamsters, and two hermit crabs. We are not your typical pet owners. There are too many allergies in our family to have the “traditional” pets like cats or dogs. It is with sadness that I must admit we also have a small pet cemetery in our backyard. We hope that Larry will not end up there anytime soon. In fact when we asked the sales person at the pet shop about the lifespan of a Crested Gecko we were surprised to hear that Larry could live for fifteen to twenty years!

We have only had Larry for a few days but it is nice to have a pet. He belongs to my youngest boys. We are letting Larry settle into his new surroundings before we handle him. However, yesterday they were able to pet him for the first time in his new environment. All of us like to watch Larry to see if he has moved around yet. On the way home from the pet store he actually licked his eye with his tongue. An interesting characteristic.

Pets are good for children they help to teach them responsibility, care for someone other than self, and love. Whether the pet is soft and furry, or scaly and a lizard, pets are a good experience for children to be a part of. Larry will definitely be loved!

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