Last Piano Recital, May 25, 2018 Daily Reflection

My aunt teaching my children with her kind and gentle way to play piano

Last night was Aunt Mary Kay’s final piano recital. This was her 36th year! She has decided to retire from teaching. Luckily, she is going to make an exception for family. We would be lost without having Aunt Mary Kay in our lives. She has brought music into our hearts, and our home. My children have been so blessed to get to know Aunt Mary Kay and to learn from her. Not only is she an excellent piano teacher she is the most positive person I think I have ever encountered. Her smile lights up my heart every time I see her. She was widowed 5 years ago and even though she went through pain and grief her attitude was always kind and uplifting. She is an ideal role model for my children, and she is their great aunt! I am so grateful for Aunt Mary Kay and happy that we don’t have to stop our lessons and wonderful visits with her.

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