Laws, September 23, 2015 Daily Reflection

Law of GodSo many times in life we believe the laws are meant to cage us, but the truth is they were created to keep people safe, and essentially give them freedom. We were given the Ten Commandments, not as shackles, to restrain us from pleasure, and happiness. On the contrary, the Ten Commandments allow us the opportunity to love God and one another with respect and care.

How much more can you relax on the road knowing that 98% of drivers will abide by the laws? It makes you feel safe, and comfortable. We know that if we abide by the Laws of God we will have a freedom never before experienced. The best part of law is when you obey, not because of obligation but because of love for God. When you follow the law because of the essence of it then and only then will we find true freedom, acting out of love!

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