Leaders, August 11, 2014 Daily Reflection

Cougars for Christ Retreat

Cougars for Christ Retreat

I helped to lead a retreat this weekend for our Holy Cross Cougars for Christ Organization. These are seniors who are nominated for their Christian example. They help to prepare for all the school Masses. They also have fundraisers and do an important service project each school year. The retreat was centered around the idea of Christian leadership. Our Cougars will lead the school through their example. Father Shooner spoke to the students about the best types of leaders. One of the best leaders are those who know how to be good followers. We need to be able to serve others. Just like in John’s gospel he told of how Jesus washed the feet of the other apostles to show them true leadership. We must serve others first.

I have no doubt these Cougars for Christ will show true signs of Christian leadership because they sincerely care for others. They want to be closer to Christ and lead others to love. I am proud to be a part of their organization and will treasure observing their leadership skills this year.

How can you be a good leader in your own life? Who do you lead? Who do you follow? How do you lead others to love?

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