Leaders, September 20, 2012 Daily Reflection

My younger son following my older son

Spencer is following Ethan on his bike to the mountain biking trail in the park. There are so many times in life we want to be the leader. We want others to follow our lead. At work when we have, what we believe to be, an excellent idea we encourage others to jump on board. At home we want to lead our children to success in their lives. In the line at stores or amusement parks we want to be in the front of the line. We teach our children how important it is to be good, strong leaders. Leadership is important and necessary in life. However it is also important to be able to follow.

Parents often say “I don’t want my kid to be a follower! I want him to be a leader”. It is very understandable that we want our children to grow to be strong adults who are in control of their destiny. In many aspects I want my children to be leaders but I also want them to be followers. I encourage my children to follow their heart, their calling, their values and most of all God.

We cannot lead our souls to eternal life. Only God can do that.  Through God’s gracious mercy may we be granted eternal life with Him. God gives us hints, clues and ideas on how to follow Him. But many times our need to be the leader, the one in control, prohibits us from following God. It’s a quandary really. How do we lead and follow?

If we attempt to lead our lives humbly watching for the signs and clues from God then we will be the leaders and followers. If we try to stand convicted in our faith but always ready to love another even if we do not understand them then we are following God’s lead. If we are confident enough to be flexible and listen to God we can be leaders and followers.

Daily I try to follow in the footsteps of a gentle man who was homeless, loved by thousands and hated by hundreds, a man put death on a cross. I attempt to follow Jesus Christ fully man, fully God. I am proud to be His follower because I desire to follow where only He can lead me.

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