Leaned Upon, April 8, 2013 Daily Reflection

A spring flower

Its colors are radiant, its fragrance strong but pleasant, it gives us pleasure and the promise of spring to look at it. But it is covered partially by the leaves growing and leaning against it. We can still appreciate its gifts to us but they are not as noticeable.

We are each given so many different gifts from God; obvious ones like beauty, kindness and laughter and the less noticeable ones like faith, honor and charity. However in this hectic life we lead many of our gifts are obscured by others that encroach upon us. There are weeds in our lives; unwanted distractions that give nothing but try to strangle the life out of us. Then there are the leaves that sometimes cover us. The leaves are connected to us like our spouse, children, family and friends. They are there for the good but they need so much from us that sometimes we feel leaned upon and at times smothered by our relationships. We forget that at times we have to lay down our wants, gifts and desires to love the leaves in our lives without condition. Sometimes we shine through the works of the leaves.

Are you a weed in someone’s life? Are you a leaf? Every one of you is a flower. Be aware of the needs of the leaves and know that no matter what appears to shadow you in this life God is always able to see your gifts; all of them.


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