Let God Shine Through You, April 19, 2016 Daily Reflection



Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet a woman who allows God to speak through her words, actions, and calling in life. She teaches abstinence and sex education from a Catholic view point. She was kind-hearted, open, honest, and willing to be a vessel for God’s love to pour through her life to shine on others. She is also a mom of teenagers, probably one of the many reasons I instantly connected to her. After she spoke to the parents of my students about the program she would be teaching we had a chance to talk. She spoke of prayer, God, and her choices in her faith life like she spoke about any other choices she made today. As a Theology teacher, and a person who has tried to let God shine through her life, I encounter people sometimes who open their heart to God and are willing to talk about it. However, I talk with more people who do not share their faith so openly. It depends on who I am around at the time.

It is so refreshing to talk with someone who understands the importance of God’s calling in her life, who not always wants to follow, but knows it is what she will do every time. Are there more people like her in the world? Are there more people who don’t need to “privatize” their faith life? I know they are out there. In the past I was surrounded by them when I led retreats, gave motivational talks, or was a part of more church committees. I miss that. I want to be surrounded by people who get this idea. Although I feel sure God wants me in the world talking to people who don’t get this idea, I suppose I need to be spreading the message to those who don’t believe, not those who already “got it”. It just felt so warm and welcoming to be with someone who understands and let’s the light shine right through her life.

Are you letting God shine through your life? If so, are you spreading it to others? If not, open your heart, mind, and soul to God’s call to you in your life.

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