Let it flow, July 12, 2018 Daily Reflection

Hannah’s painting for me

When my children were little I constantly showed them ways to use their imagination. Once they understood the concept I gave them daily opportunities to use it. They played pretend with their toys, played outside in the woods, created games, and drew pictures. They put on plays and showed me their crazy inventions. They were given the space to create and they did. As older children their schools have given them space to create through writing, art, and other subjects. Their creations are amazing.

As adults it seems more difficult to find the space and the opportunity to use our imaginations. Our jobs don’t always lend themselves to it creativity. Which means we need to find the time and space in our lives to develop it. Creativity is part of our soul, it is a hope in things imagined that can take us to new places, ideas, and creations. To stunt this flow can hurt us. We need to find time and space to let it flow. Paint, draw, write, dance, daydream, play music, play games or play with your children. Take the time to be creative and you will see a change in yourself, I guarantee it.

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