Let it speak to you, September 7, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake’s hand in mine when he was 3

God made us human, with many senses so we could experience the world in many different ways. A smell can take me back to childhood, like honeysuckle. A taste can tantalize my taste buds with delight. Different visions captivate my soul, like a sunset, the ocean, or my children. The feel of my soft blanket at night, or the hands of my children inside my hands to pray at night bring me comfort and security. The sound of music can soothe and entice my inner most being. Right now I have the song, “Lead me guide me along the way for if you lead me I will not stray. Lord let me walk each day with thee lead me oh Lord lead me,” stuck in my head. I like that it is ringing in my ears, and my soul.

Sometimes, our senses pick up on signs that God wants us to experience. Let the signs, and music speak to you, God has so much to say, we just need to learn to sense it. Try it today. What senses have been activated lately for you?

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