Letters, October 23, 2014 Daily Reflection


Recently I stumbled upon a letter my husband wrote to my daughter for a retreat. It was filled with kind words, sweet sentiment and love. It made me smile to think about how she felt when she read those words. Then I thought how special it is for her to keep that letter forever.

If you have ever received a letter like this from someone you love then you know exactly what I mean. It is wonderful to find old letters my parents and read what they thought of me years ago and how our relationship has grown and flourished over the years.

I know how busy we are as parents, believe me I KNOW! However, we should take the time to write a letter to each of our children to tell them how much we love them and what attributes and qualities we admire about them. These will be letters they treasure now and 50 years from now. We should also consider writing a letter to our own parents, if they are still alive, to let them know how much we love and appreciate what they have done to raise us over the years.

It’s seldom these days for people to sit down and write a letter but it is a precious gift to those who will receive it not just today but for a lifetime. Today, write a letter to someone you love.

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