Letting go to receive, March 5, 2015 Daily Reflection

Big Hero 6Last night I watched the movie Big Hero 6 with my children. It is a MUST see precious movie. One of the themes of the movie is letting go. As sad as it is to let go of grief, people, grudges, hurts, or other things we grasp too tightly, it is the letting go that gives us the ability to receive fully. When are hands are closed and grasping those things in life, they are not open to anything else. It is a process, to let go of relationships, people who have passed away, the childhood of our grown children, and so many other people and ideas we hold so dear. The irony lies in the reality that the only way we will discover complete freedom is to let go and open our hearts to the hurt, healing, and ultimately the growth.

What do you need to let go of in your life? Is it the idea of your perfect life? If you let it go you can be open to embracing and appreciating the life you are living right now. Is it a grudge that you now feel is part of your identity? Letting it go will help you to mature, grow, and develop into the person you are meant to be. Is it a loved one who has died? Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, or loving them any less than you did when they were alive. It just means allowing yourself to grieve, mourn, and to learn to live without them here. It means you are open to living your life here on this earth without their physical presence and being ready to move forward with your life.

Letting go is the only way that we can truly be open enough to receive all those new experiences, emotions, and new people into our lives now and in the future. Today, reflect on what you could let go that will help you to grow.

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