Life, August 2 Daily Reflection

My son looking out

He stands with intention peering out the window with hidden thoughts, ideas and dreams of his future. He neglects to notice the reflection of himself in that glass lost in thought.

We stand gazing into distance dreaming of the future, reflecting on the past, and wondering about the present.  Do we neglect to notice the reflection of who we have become? In our hidden thoughts are we still that 13 year old enjoying life and friends, dying to get out of school? Are we that 20 year old partying with friends on the cusp of his future? Are we that 30 year old about to submit to our future of parenting and married life? Are we that 40 year old feeling old but still young? Are we that 50 something close enough to start counting the years to retirement? Are we retired but still feeling like that 13 year old? In the depths of our mind where are we? Who do we see ourselves as in that reflection?

I am 37 but I still feel 27, married, and a mom happy, secure and sometimes stressed in my life. Do we ever feel older? Don’t we always maintain dreams for the future and hold on to precious moments from the past? We learn, we give, we grow…the journey continues until it ceases.

So live with intention, treasure your hidden thoughts, dream big no matter your age and celebrate this day in your life age 13 or 99 for we only have one precious life to live.

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