Life is precious, January 23, 2014 Daily Reflection

My grandfather's grave

My grandfather’s grave

Life is so precious but we rarely realize it. We get up in the morning and go, go, go…as though nothing new or exciting will happen…same old…same old. We forget in the monotony of this life how treasured each breath is in our lifetime. It takes a death of a loved one to remind us that each moment we are given is not to be wasted. Each word we say to others should lift up lives. We should treasure those we love and love those we don’t know. As endless as life may seem it is not. It all comes to an end at some point and we rarely know at what time that point will come to each of us.

Treasure life, take joy in your loved ones, express your love and live your life to the fullest by appreciating one another and the life that God has given to you. Because Life is precious.

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