Life Long Learning, October 3, 2017 Daily Reflection

Tulip Bloom at St. Louis Arch

I have heard the term “life long learner” for years. Originally, I thought it referred to adults returning to school for higher education and earning degrees. Then I started taking Scripture classes that did not give me any certification but still expanded my knowledge and understanding. Over last several years, I have listened to podcasts, Tedtalks, and lectures, that discuss the importance of continued learning to prevent dementia, and memory loss. It seems the more synapses fired in our brains, no matter what, the age the stronger our brains are at fighting off damage. I have also aligned myself with others who enjoy learning and consider themselves life long learners. It is amazing to learn something brand new, opening up an unchartered understanding, and bringing to light a different awareness is a very powerful experience.

Do you consider yourself a life long learner? It doesn’t require new degrees (but that is a great way to learn more), or attending school, it just requires curiosity, Google searches, research, and a passion to never stop learning.

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