How to relax, October 28, 2015 Daily Reflections

The beautiful sky

The beautiful sky

What frees your soul? What place helps you to relax and unwind? What scent releases your tension? What feeling gives you the permission to simply be?

There are so many places, scents, and feelings that help me to relieve my stress. One of the best ways I have found to relieve my tension is a good run outdoors. Running enables my heart to pump, my blood to flow, my lungs to expand, my senses to sharpen, and my body to move. It’s as though all the toxins of stress and anxiety are sweat right out of my body.

If I want a place to completely unwind a walk outside looking to the skies will do it. There is something so freeing about the sky, it is limitless, and unincumbered. The scent of the fresh air, the tingle of the breeze across my skin, and the warmth of the sun always bring me to a better place both emotionally, and physically.

One of the most relaxing places I have ever experienced is the ocean. Sitting on the beach, watching my children play. I have only had the good fortune to do it a few times, but it was paradise.

God gives us many options to get outside of ourselves. One the best options is nature. Next time you are feeling stressed out and limited, break free, go outside, take a walk, a deep breath, and try to inhale the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily.

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