Listening, December 3, 2014 Daily Reflection

Anna playing piano

Anna playing piano

As I sit here listening to my Aunt teach my daughter how to play piano I am taken back by the sound of my daughter’s fingers striking the keys of the piano making music. My daughter and youngest son have been taking piano lessons from my Aunt for three years now. They both truly enjoy learning how to play the piano. It’s like learning a new language in their life. When we are at home and they are practicing only they know how to help each other. It gives them a common bond that the rest of us do not share with them.

I think learning how to play has expanded their minds and the ability to learn new skills. My husband and I love to listen to them play. One of my favorite things to do after a long hard day of teaching is to lay down on the couch in the piano room and listen to them play as I drift off to sleep. It is priceless.

We are never too young or too old to learn new skills like playing piano or learning a new language. Is there any new skill you would like to learn? Why not make that a Christmas present to yourself? You could make it a New Year’s resolution.

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