The Little Cousins, Daily Reflection December 4

Jake and his cousin Abby

Jake and his cousin Abby

“Jake’s here, Jake’s here!”  “Mommy Abby’s here, there she is mommy, there she is!!”  Running like they just found a hidden treasure the two little cousins only 4 years old grab each other’s hands and run out to the swing set to play together.  Smiles, laughter, giggling, running, swinging, chasing and playing that’s just what they do to together every time, those cute little cousins.

Jake was born 6 months before Abby in a different state.  Abby moved to Jake’s hometown when she was 2 years old.  Before that time she would see Jake every month or so.  When they were old enough to actually start playing together it was like best friends in the making, they just clicked.  No one bosses the other one around, they just play and love each other.  It is so sweet, innocent, fun and good.  They don’t fight or get mad at each other.  They don’t judge each other or talk bad about each other.  They hold hands, say nice things and play.

How much nicer would the world be if we could all get along like the little cousins.  If when we saw each other all we wanted to do was grab each other by the hand, hug, say hello and just play together.  No judgements, no resentment, no hard feelings, no fights, no arguments, just pure wholesome goodness.  What would our world look like if we could all just care for one another like Jake and Abby do, with no pretense, no Mal intent, no motivation to get something. 

 If we just accepted each other for exactly who we are right now.

  If we shared all our toys with each other. 

 If we played nicely together. 

If we hugged more. 

 If we just said what we feel that is good. 

How kind, sincere, loving and precious would our world be if we all just loved each other

 like the little cousins do. 

Today, think about the people you will see in your day and try to look at them like Abby looks at Jake.  Try to think of them as a playmate that doesn’t want to hurt you but just wants to love you.  Change your prespective for a day and see if it will change your day.  Maybe you will make a friend today that you never knew you could make.  Let the little cousins set the example and just try to get excited, be kind, share your toys, and play nicely together. 

Isn’t that really what God wants from each of us, to just play nicely together by loving selflessly and fully?

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