Little Gnome, March 14 Daily Reflection

The little gnome

The ivy caught my eyes as I followed its crawling, sprawling vines to the middle of the tree I spotted the blue hat of the little gnome looking down at me. I cannot count the number of times I have looked upon this tree. I have photographed it from so many different angles and yet in this moment I was struck by the gnome who has noticeably been sitting there for years; his big nose hidden slightly by the ivy, his pointed hat blue against the bright sky, his grin stretched across his face with leaves and vines growing up his jolly cheeks. He was placed there years ago because the wonderful woman of the garden thought it fit him well and well it does.

The gnomes we must pass daily that go unnoticed are as numerous as the stars in the night time skies. All the places we routinely pass, the scenes we take in daily, the buildings we drive by, the houses that are merely the backdrops of our lives hold precious little hats of blue, grins and jolly faces we never seem to witness. It’s not only because of our busy lives it’s also because we are not looking. Are we observing the intricate details that surround us or are we just trying to make it through another day? What difference will that gnome make in my life or your life? He put a smile upon my face. He gave me pause to recognize the treasures that are hidden in clear site all about me.

Today, take a little time to look around you at the details that make up your surroundings. Take them in smile, and recognize all the treasures that will surprise you.

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