Little Love Notes, April 13, 2012 Daily Reflection

My little note to Jake

I volunteer at my children’s lunchroom once a week. Each time I work I notice that there are some children who get little notes of encouragement from their parents in their lunchboxes.  As a child I rarely brought my lunch with me so I never experienced these love notes. I have often thought I bet these little notes help to build a child up. They say things like: I love you have a great day, you will do fine on that test, see you when you get home, and you are the best kid ever. I think they are precious notes. I have noticed only about 1% of the kids are so lucky to have such a note. I always think to myself what a kind and caring parent to take the time to do this for that child.

So the other day I wrote this note for my Jake he is 7. That day I waited for the hug, the thank you and the response of “I loved it mom.” You know what I got? “Ah, mommy did you put something in my lunchbox today…a note?” I responded “Yes, Jake I did!” To which he said “Mommy that was embarrassing!” “What, I wrote that because I love you!!” I responded so wounded. “Thanks, mommy but please don’t do that again.” Jake calmly stated to me in a very big boy way.

I guess that’s why only 1% of the children have these notes. Some don’t have the notes because the parents don’t have time to write them, have never thought before to do it, the child doesn’t take their lunches or because of my experience the child just flat out doesn’t want it!

Another lesson learned. None of us parent the exact same way because none of us have the exact same children. Love your children, build them up, encourage them and support them in the ways that work best for your family. Guess I will just keep on loving him without the little love notes!

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