A little prayer request, July 25, 2014 Daily Moment

My work space and materials

My work space and materials

Oh, my goodness, I have two reflective essays due on August 12th but I have to be finished with a really good rough draft by Tuesday, July 29th to send to a writing consultant to edit my work. One paper is about the covenants of the Old Testament; Mosaic and Davidic and the second one is an exegesis of a 14 verse passage from the Old Testament both have to be over 7 pages each. I know what you are thinking, Lori you are a writer that should be no problem right. Well, these are very specific and lots of research has to be done first. I have an outline of each paper, lots of notes, lots of books and some rough draft writing accomplished. What I need are some small prayers (don’t use your big ones, save those for those who need them the most) from my prayer warriors that the Holy Spirit will help me to understand this material better and to write them well in a timely fashion. Thank you:)


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