How to Live, February 5, 2018 Daily Reflection

How to live a life?

Live your life like your creator has called you to live it with kindness, compassion, service, understanding, honesty, trust, and complete love for all. Live your life seeking to be in good relationship with all those you encounter. So, that when you are no longer here the love that you gave them provided a memory of how to love well. Give forgiveness even when it is not deserved, it doesn’t excuse or justify the wrongdoing but be able to turn the other cheek and love instead of hate. Read the lives of the saints, the biographies of those who died for others, read the living word of God. Follow the example of Jesus Christ, who was not just a teacher, human and divine, the ultimate sacrifice, our savior and redeemer. Live as he lived, give your life by loving, forgiving, accepting, renewing, and doing the will of God. These are not easy ideas or changes that can be made in a moment but they can be started and worked on for a lifetime.

How do you want to live your life?


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