Living, April 2, 2014 Daily Reflection



We work, we eat, we exercise, we clean, we shop, we shower, we sleep, we do the same routine over and over again. If we all do this over and over again how is it that some of us are living fully and some of us are simply existing?

How do you work? Do you work with the intent of feeding your family, giving of your talents and helping others with a positive attitude? Or do you work mindlessly like a machine with no feeling spreading nothing but negativity? Do you exercise with anger and disdain for your aging body? Or do you appreciate the time and body that God has granted to you?

The difference between simply existing and fully living is how you choose to live. It’s about appreciating life, giving to others and having a great attitude and love for others. It is contrary to what our culture teaches. As Christians we have a responsibility to love God and others fully appreciating every gift we have been given daily.

The choice is yours. How will you live your life this day?



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