Living our Faith, June 21, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jesus Christ

If no one knew you were a Christian and you could not verbally tell them, would they know you were? If you did not wear a cross or make the sign of the cross, would anyone know by your actions? Would anyone see in your actions that you believe that Jesus Christ is the second peron of the Holy Trinity, that Jesus Christ is God incarnate in human flesh, that Jesus Christ lived, suffered and died for your sins so that you could one day gain the same resurrection in heaven?

What do you do daily that indicates that you follow Jesus Christ?
Do you heal others?
It can be emotional healing, supporting a friend or coworker, listening to a stranger, or praying with someone.

Do you love the marginalized in our culture?
It could be talking to the man holding the sign on the roadside, making eye contact with a person that is mentally challenged and smiling at them, having a discussion with a person that speaks a different language and are obviously from another country.

Do you let the children come to you?
Are you kind to children, smiling, laughing, and listening to their disjointed stories?

Do you lead others to a deeper relationship with God?
Do you talk to others about prayer, pray with others, invite people to Church or talk about Jesus Christ?

Do you forgive others?
Do you allow others to be forgiven and not hold grudges? Do you let things go and love the person?

Are you willing to give your life for the good of others?
Do you give your time, resources, and all that you are to help others?

Does your life reflect that you believe in Jesus Christ?

Even if you only answered yes to a few questions you are on your way. Look over the ideas and decide on what you want to work on so that others will know you are Christian. Jesus Christ said that he wants us to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. That means telling others through words and actions about our salvation through the love of Jesus Christ.

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