Lonely, August 14, 2014 Daily Reflection



There are many times in this life that we feel alone, isolated and deserted. In those -moments we can’t seem to feel the presence of God. We have difficulty hearing his voice and we question God’s motives. When we are alone, most of the time, we feel alone. God created us to be in relationship with one another and with God. God believes in community so much that He is in community as the Holy Trinity. God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit, the triune God that is really one God in communion with one another.

If we as humans feel lost when we are alone it is because we are meant to be with others. God made us from love to love. How can we love if we are not in relationship? Sometimes we believe life would be less complicated if we just did it all on our own. We didn’t have to consider other people and we did what we wanted all of the time (that’s how most of us live our lives). But those who live their lives this way eventually realize a void in their existence. The void can only be filled with love from others and God through relationships. We are meant to be in community with one another. We are meant to love selflessly like God loves us.

Next time you feel alone reflect on those people whom you love and who love you. Consider those people who you have relationships with in your life. Say a prayer and realize God never abandons you especially in your hour of need. God is love and that love created you to love others. Love selflessly and you will form relationships and community which will fill your life like nothing you have ever experienced before.

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