It’s a Long Road, January 2, 2015 Daily Moment

Marriage 2“Love is a long, long road.” – Tom Petty

I am unbelievably blessed to be in a marriage where we both believe that the vows we made to marry each other, in front of God and all of our family and friends, will be valid until our death. Marriage is not always easy, especially when you have children, work, finances, aging parents, and many other responsibilities in this life. But NO ONE ever said marriage should be easy. I am going to stay true to the vows I took no matter how challenging or easy it may be.

The truth, as my good friend once told me, in marriage there are hills and valleys and we are always in one or the other. One of the most important factors to remember is that no matter where we are in our marriage it’s never over…it’s a long, long road. I wonder how many marriages would be saved if the people making those vows kept them for life, unconditionally? If everyone believed that it is for life, not that it is a possibility to be married for life but it is a fact, how many marriages would change? What do you think?

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