Look for the light, April 20, 2017 Daily Reflection

The sun will come

Sometimes we feel surrounded by darkness and feelings of sadness. It seems as though nothing good exists. Look for the light..

There will be times of sorrow, defeat, and despair. Where is the goodness in the emptiness? Look for the light…

At times loneliness will creep in and overtake thoughts. Is there good in the world? Look for the light…

If you read about the lives of the saints you will notice a similar occurence they went through times of darkness, depression, dispair and doubt. These people who were so close to God that they lived out their purpose and followed God to the end. Yet, they felt the sorrow, defeat, and loneliness. In their darkest depths of despair when hope was fading they were able to eventually see that light. They were seeking the good.

Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are temporary, God, goodness, light, and love are permanent.

Never let go of hope…look always for the light of God and eventually after the darkest night there will come a dawn.

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