Look to the other side, December 5, 2011 Daily Reflection

A small dock

We are constantly looking out at the water just ahead of us but how often do we look all the way across the water to the other side? I often write about living in the moment because our lives are so busy we are in a constant state of motion. It is important to live in the moment and be fully present. However, a balance should be found between living in the past, present and the future. We can only live in one tense the present tense of course. But the past brought us to where we are today and the future will show us tomorrow.

So much of our culture is about instant gratification. Waiting is the enemy to Americans. We don’t want to wait in lines so we shop on line. We don’t want to wait for food to cook so we eat FAST food. We don’t want to wait for anything. We want it now, right now in the present tense. Holding this mindset damages our futures in so many ways. When we wait for something and have patience the end result is usually much sweeter and many times much healthier. If we look to the water on the other side and set a goal to reach it then we have something to work towards, to look forward to in life.

Too many of us live only for the moment. As a woman of faith I have to balance the tenses. I have to learn from the sins of my past to acknowledge what I have done wrong so that I will not follow that wretched path again. I have to learn to be present in the moment especially with my children, for they grow too quickly and the time I have to teach them is very limited. But I also have to look to the future. If I do not consider that heaven is on the other side and that is my other side then what goal am I working towards. If eternal life is what I seek with God then all my actions will change in the present for that future purpose. My words will be kinder, my actions less self absorbed and my thoughts about goodness and love for others. Our goals will guide us in this life. If we have no goals then I guess we live for instant gratification. My goal is heaven. My life should be lived with that goal at the forefront of my mind at all times. I need to remember this but I will fail and constantly try again. If I can live my life this way it will enrich my life, my family, my actions, my faith and my love for others.

Have you looked to the other side? Have you reached a balance between the tenses? It is a constant action trying to be balanced but it is worth the effort! Consider the reward of the other side!!

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