Look to the past, October 29 Daily Reflection

Looking out the back window

So often in life we look at the path ahead of us. What do we need to do tomorrow? How much do we need to save for college for our children? How and when will we retire? We count down the days until vacations and holidays looking forward to all the relaxation and joy we will find at those precious times. But how often do we look back on the roads we just crossed? How often do we evaluate the choices we made and how they affected the lives of others? How often do we reflect on our past so we can learn more about our future?

Looking at the past can be educational for your children its gives them a sense of history to look through the photo albums from when they were babies. It teaches our children that their lives had and continues to have great significance in our lives. Telling stories passed down from generations gives each of us a more in depth understanding of what situations helped to form our families, our attitudes and our lifestyles. Reflecting on the past is healthy. Dwelling on choices we regret is not. If you begin to regret instead of just learning from your mistake it will take you down. Reflect on where you went wrong learn from it and start moving on.

In the picture above Spencer is looking out the back window of the bus while the bus is moving forward. In our lives we should reflect on our past to gain knowledge and wisdom but we should never allow ourselves to be stuck in the regret and we should continue the journey forward at the same time. So look to the past to learn but never stop the journey to your future.

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