Look to the tree tops, September 11 Saturday Tidbit

Tree tops

Our eyes constantly scan the ground and all the objects directly in front of us. Rarely do we look beyond the power lines and let our vision climb to the treetops and peruse what is above.

  Try it when you go outside today look up straight into the sky and look at the treetops. Have you ever done that before?  Maybe in the fall when the trees were bursting with color but have you ever looked when they were simply green?

 What will one find if they look up?

 We will find a different perspective. A simple sky, the swaying branches and a little sigh, a momentary break from all the chaos that exists in front of us daily. We should look to the sky daily for that relief, relaxation and a sense of where we should be reaching instead of neglecting daily.

 It is in the simplicity of the blue that calms our breathing, the stretched white strands of the clouds that give us peace and of recognizing who created it all that gives us life.


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