Looking Forward, November 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

Master's work

Master’s work

I have 2 more years until I will be finished with my Master’s Degree Program. I have been in it for a little over 2 years. It is intensive, educational, challenging, time consuming, and developmental. I would not suggest that moms of little children complete an intense program like this one.

I cannot focus on the long hours of studying, researching, writing, and going to class, and how it takes away from my family. I cannot go there because then I will not have the strength to make it through. I know that this is what is best for my family over all. I need a Master’s Degree in Theology to continue teaching, and to pursue anything else I want to do in the Church. It is a requirement. It is also life giving. This education has helped me to grow spiritually and will help my family financially because my pay scale will be higher when I have completed it.

I pray that the hours it took for me to earn this degree will set an example of the importance of education, faith, and personal growth for my children. I have not in any way deserted my family but I do not spend the time I would like with them. Although I NEVER miss a single night talking and praying with each one of them, not 1 night! They know I am here even when I am immersed in this educational process. I cannot stop and contemplate the impact it is having on my family if I want to finish it. I must look forward, straight ahead, knowing that God will give me the energy, love, and strength to be all that I can be for my family during this time. Because this too shall pass.

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