Looking, July 13, 2017 Daily Reflection

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to Lakeside, a pool club, that has more than a pool. It is very different from normal pools. It was an old quarry that was filled in and they created several pools within it. Normally, when I go to the pool or other places with my children in the summertime I always bring my Master’s workload with me, books, notebooks, and questions I have to answer. This time I left everything behind (on purpose). Instead, I laid down on a float and followed my children around. Eventually I just looked at the water in the distance and close to me. I watched as the sun danced off the ripples. I looked beyond the children laughing, and the parents relaxing and found myself looking at the beauty and serenity of the ripples in the water. The water moved with a smooth uniformity, the sun flashed and fell across the tops of the ripples, I was mesmerized. I was lost in a moment of presence. It was peaceful and pure relaxation.

It is rare in my life to be still and watch anything for very long. I have too many tasks to accomplish, places to go, and deadlines to tend to. I know intellectually that living in the moment, in the present time, is a life well lived. It is a challenge as a mother and a person within our busy culture. However, yesterday I did it and it was good.

Try it in your life today. Find a moment and settle into looking beyond the distractions and let yourself enjoy the present.

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