Loss, August 23, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Grandpa’s Grave

It breaks my heart to watch young people suffer the loss of a parent, grandparent, or family member. It’s hard enough to grow up in this world without tragedy and loss but with loss it just compiles the complications. When I was in fifth grade my dad had a heart attack. I felt as though it was a wake up call to love him like crazy. Not long after my dad recovered a friend of mine lost her dad to a heart attack. It hurt my heart to think about her new life without him. At that age I believed in God and in heaven but could not understand salvation, and eternal peace like I can now. All I saw was her pain.

Over the years I have watched my students cope with the pain of losing close family members. I pray for the family and the teen. Someone once told me that losing a loved one is like having a body part amputated. The person is still alive, functioning, and has to go on but he/she has lost a part that can never be replaced. The person will never be the same, he/she will be changed for a lifetime. I am no expert on loss but I believe a few things that are truly important at this time are being surrounded by loved ones and faith, that there is hope that the pain will stop and tomorrow will come. I can’t begin to imagine loss like this all I can do is attempt to comfort and to pray. Pray that the survivor can feel and witness the love of God through others who are supportive. Pray that he/she will come to know that the loved one is no longer suffering but in the arms of God in peace forever. So, that is what I will continue you to do. I will pray and try to love each person through their loss.

If you have any suggestions as a survivor that can help please leave a comment. Thanks.


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